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The Opposite of United. Customer Experience ... Delivered

I just had the pleasure of getting a few family days in the Club Med Bali resort and, being me, working and writing about customer engagement and customer experience, somehow cannot not observe. On top of this, Chef de Village Jeremie Gonzalez and his 280-strong team certainly deliver something that is worth writing about. Jeremy also agreed to having a chat with me about his resort and customer experience. So here we go. The ImpressionsWe were traveling with 9 persons, 2 families, 4 adults, 5 kids from 7 to 11, coming from New Zealand, with another friend arriving from Germany. Right from the beginning on Denpasar airport we have been in good hands. As one can imagine, in a holiday destination like this there are plenty of hotels and resorts receiving customers. Club Med was very easily spotted and their man took us under his wings with a warm greeting, guiding us to the van that was waiting for us to bring us to the 20 minutes away resort. Where we received another warm reception accomp…
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Mobile In-App Support - A brief Overview

In a mobile world, where the smartphone has become the command center of our lives support needs to be offered from directly inside the app, using in-app messaging. This way the advantages of being able to send relevant contextual information about the state of the app to the service agent and the ability to engage in a service conversation via a conversational UI can get brought to full advantage. The user is identified, relevant information has been gathered, which the service agent can use right away. This leads to capabilities that a genuine mobile in-app support system needs to have on top of generic help center functionality: 1.In-App FAQ that gets pushed out to the phone and is available in an offline scenario 2.Collation of meta data about the phone, user and the incident that created the support call, along with the ability to send that to the customer service center 3.In-App messaging/conversational UI in combination with push notifications 4.Automation to properly route incoming…

eCommerce is dead! Long live iCommerce

My new column article on how to take advantage of AI and MachineLearning in eCommerce is live on CustomerThink. It gives you background and actionable information, answering pressing questions like 'Where does AI come into the picture'?
Not wanting to spoil, here a little hint: There is far more than merely product recommendations.
But read for yourself!

Tenacity - Improving Customer Experience by bettering Employee Experience

Following some of my posts on AI in customer service environments I got contacted by Daniel Doctor from Tenacity who invited me for a chat with Ron Davis, the founder and CEO of the company. Which I had. And it was an interesting conversation. In my articles I spent a lot of time focusing on how AI, machine learning and chatbots can help improving both, the customers’ and the service agents’ experiences by making sure that all relevant data is collated and available, reducing wait times for customers, being able to already suggest good solutions to both, customers and agents, and so on. The objective is at all times to have the customer get a good solution as frictionless as possible and to enable the service agent to concentrate on the hard jobs. The idea behind this approach is that it reduces customer irritation by having the answer faster and improves the agent situation by making the work more attractive. After all, who of us loves dull, boring and repetitive work. Not many, I bet …